José Carlos Gómez Larrañaga

I obtained a Ph.D. (mathematics) in Cambridge by 1981 with a thesis “On Knot Primeness” under the supervision of W.B. R. Lickorish. I have done research in low dimensional topology, mostly with my long life colleagues and friends F.J. González-Acuña and W. Heil. I have mixed this activity with incursions into administration. I have been full professor at CIMAT, Mexico since 1992 until our days.

Research interests

My research interests have been

  1. Knot primeness [1], [2].

  2. General problem of studying low dimensional manifolds complexity by the minimal number of (open) subspaces with a fixed property that cover the manifold. The classical example is the Lusternick-Schnirelmann category where the fixed property is being contractible in the manifold [3] to [28].

  3. General problem of studying simple two dimensional simplicial complexes such as 2- stratifolds and foams [29] to [36].